Mariana Gomes (Faro, 1983)
Lives and works in Lisbon

In 2007 graduated in Painting in Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa.
In 2011 won a distinction by Prémio Fidelidade/Mundial 2011 - Jovens Pintores Exposes since 2008.

Mariana is a young hope of the national artistic scene. She uses the materials of painting with great easiness, freedom and joy in colors and forms, but also sensuality, expressed in textures. Her paintings are always between abstraction and figuration; imbalance and discipline; suggestions of figuration and abstraction. At the same time she uses the word in small paintings (word or a phrase) with a ironical, critical or funny content.

Mariana Gomes's working method, it's quick and happy, light and intense, euphoric, provocative, experimental and obsessive. Color is essential, gesture is essential, substance is essential. But word is also essential. What the artist shows, cannot be easily said and what she says (when paints words) turns into something more complex because it's painted, because it's painting", says João Pinharanda.

Pinharanda - curator and cultural programmer of Fundação EDP - ads that "her plan is to absorb reality - and the reality is very wide and diverse. Mariana Gomes uses an imagination that feeds itself from several layers of reality - and that's where the paintings come from".